Culture Industry

The album that started it all. Released in 2007, Culture Industry was the culmination of three years of gigging, practicing and recording. The production from Zach Reilly and lyrics from Noesis (as well as Mike Tjader) certainly still reverberate 8 years later. Fan favorites: "Fluent Advice," "R & B Stole the Show," and "Hear Me."

Noesis note:
Our very first album. I can say much about this. It bears all the magnificence, flaws, and naivety that comes with a band's debut. Primarily though, listening back makes me marvel once again at Zach Reilly's songwriting. Much love to all of the musicians and engineers who made the project a success.


1. Brave New World
2. Got Your Back
3. Culture Industry
4. Thief
5. The Wonders of the Modern Age
7. R and B Stole the Show
9. Good Food Quickly
10. Damn Shame
11. Gun 'Em Down
12. Hear Me