Earth Rocks Harder

Earth Rocks Harder is the 4th project from Philadelphia live hip hop group Philly Slick. 14 songs about life, from the city to the universe, Earth Rocks Harder features Slick’s patented live ‘is-it-a-sample-or-not’ production: recording guitar, horns,  and vocals to emulate what is usually pulled off vinyl.

Philly Slick’s hip hop has always run the gamut of styles from chill head nodders to thumping bangers. Earth Rocks Harder, builds and expands on this formula bringing spacious sound that strings together different moods like garments on a high-rise clothesline. Amidst David Foster Wallace characters (Project Total Yang) lay the politics of food and fracking (State of Your Plate).  Rhymes that double as short stories (2 Bad Brothers, This World) are inter spliced with hype get-up-and-go anthems like Focus and Not At All.

Presented and distributed by Badtape Music (Red Martina, Stoupe), mixed by Matt Weiss (Arrested Development, Soul Veggies), and mastered by Chris Athens (Black on Both Sides, Supreme Clientele)


1. Focus
3. This World
4. Earth Rocks Harder
5. The Skyline
6. Tune Out
7. Don't Panic
9. Project Total Yang
10. Wrinkle In Time
12. Know My Style
13. No One Home
14. Two Bad Brothers