The Way Things Work

Noesis' first solo album since 2005 - an expansive effort of 20 tracks displaying a wide range of hip hop. The Way Things Work consistently landed in the top ten on CMJ's hip hop radio charts, led by the album's single - A Picture. Other tracks like "Sleepyheads" and "The Secret" have become a staple at Philly Slick live shows and always bring down the house.


1. Intro
4. The Rapper General Song
6. Time's Up f. Thug B and Apuat
7. The Party Live
8. Blamestorming
9. Sleepyheads f. Ali Hoffman
10. Helium
11. The Way Things Work
12. A Good Fight
13. Who Are You f. Ali Hoffman
14. Peace
15. Tools
16. The Language
17. The Secret
18. Happy Hour f. MH The Verb
19. Meet the Press
20. The End